The Chiaroscuro project is for those people who love coffee and who are interested in getting to know more about the origins of the best coffees in the world so as to be able to appreciate their uniqueness and then, if they want, combine them in a totally personal blend, or combine them with one dish or another in accordance with their special characteristics.
One might blend a slightly acidic coffee to one with more body, or a spicy one with one which is more aromatic and fruity.
One might serve the Costarica Tournon at the end of a fish dinner, a sweet coffee which is lightly acidic and with that typically vanilla taste; or at the end of an dinner based on spicy hot savours a coffee from Java, strong, full-bodied, non-acidic and not very aromatic.
With Chiaroscuro we can start out on a journey into tropical countries and fly over the Mexican high plains to those in Ethiopia or in Santo Domingo or the Hawaii, from India to the home of coffee: Brazil
These magnificent coffees are toasted in a discontinuous-cycle cylindrical rotating machine that allows us to roast each type of coffee singularly in accordance with the characteristics of the seeds and to select the toasting time in such a way as to release each coffee's special savour.

In 1999 we opened a coffee store in the centre of Florence called Chiaroscuro and then another in 2003 in a small town 10 km from Florence. These Coffee Stores naturally offer the delicious types of coffees mentioned above, as well as all coffee accessories and the best of Tuscan cooking and wines.